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Table 1 Summary of artificial night lighting index, mean annual air temperature, and field light intensity (lux) at the survey sites

From: Changes in nocturnal insect communities in forest-dominated landscape relevant to artificial light intensity

Study sites ANLI Temperature (°C) Field light intensity (lux)
Control 0.0 11.36 0.0a
DS1 17.1 11.28 5.2b
DS2 30.5 11.80 12.2c
DS3 56.5 11.58 8.7bc
  1. ANLI, artificial night lighting index; DS1, development situations at Neungnae Village; DS2, development situations at Jikdong Samgeori; DS3, development situations at Gwangneungnae
  2. No mean was calculated for the ANLI. Differences in mean annual air temperature between the survey areas are not statistically significant, and the values are expressed as medians. Different letters in field light intensity values indicate significant differences (n = 50 per site). Refer to Fig. 1 for site descriptions and locations