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Table 1 List of amphibian ranavirus infection or mortality cases reported in Northeast Asia. Asterisks represent mass mortality event

From: First detection of ranavirus in a wild population of Dybowski’s brown frog (Rana dybowskii) in South Korea

Nation Host species Captivity References
China Rana grylio Captive Zhang et al.(1996)*, Zhang et al.(2001)*
Hoplobatrachus tigerinus Captive Weng et al. (2002)*, He et al. (2002)
Rana dybowskii Wild Xu et al. (2010)*, Zhu and Wang (2016)*
Andrias davidianus Captive Geng et al. (2010), Geng et al. (2011)*, Zhou et al. (2012)*, Zhou et al. (2013)*, Chen et al. (2013)*, Meng et al. (2014)*
Wild Chen et al. (2013)*
Bombina orientalis Captive Kolby et al. (2014)*
Cynops orientalis Captive Kolby et al. (2014)*
Paramesotriton hongkongensis Captive Kolby et al. (2014)*
Rana nigromaculata Captive Mu et al. (2018)*, Yu et al. (2020)*
Japan Hynobius nebulosus Captive Une et al. (2009a)*
Rana catesbeiana Wild Une et al. (2009b)*
Dendrobates spp. Captive Une et al. (2014)*
Phyllobates terribilis Captive Une et al. (2014)*
Korea Pelophylax chosenicus Captive Kim et al. (2009)*
Rana huanrenensis Wild Kwon et al. (2017)*
Kaloula borealis Wild Park et al. (2017)
Hyla japonica Wild Park et al. (2017)