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Table 2 Ranking matrix for the second-order and third-order selection of lesser cuckoos using pairwise preference comparisons

From: Habitat selection in the lesser cuckoo, an avian brood parasite breeding on Jeju Island, Korea

Selection scaleHabitatsFieldGrasslandForestOrchardAARank
 Grassland  −
 Forest   0.141.212
 Orchard    1.074
 AA     5
Third-order (males)Field
 Grassland  1.070.881.032
 Forest   − 0.19− 0.045
 Orchard    0.153
 AA     4
Third-order (females)Field − 0.61− 0.0040.450.813
 Grassland  0.611.071.421
 Forest   0.460.812
 Orchard    0.364
 AA     5
  1. Each value represents the difference in habitat preference calculated by the equation: Pab = ln(userow/availabilityrow) – ln(usecolumn/availabilitycolumn). Thus, the positive values indicate that the row habitat type is preferred over the column habitat type, and vice versa. Statistically significant differences (p < 0.05) are in bold. The rightmost column represents resultant habitat preference ranks, which are determined by counting positive habitat preference values with other compared habitat types
  2. AA anthropogenic area