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Table 3 Analysis of variance result for carbon concentration of mineral soil along altitudinal gradient

From: Aboveground biomass, growth and yield for some selected introduced tree species, namely Cupressus lusitanica, Eucalyptus saligna, and Pinus patula in Central Highlands of Ethiopia

VariableFactorDFSum squareMean SquareF valuePr > F value
SOCD (t C ha-1)Species21067653388.2230.000648 ***
Depth31243494145063.852< 2e-16 ***
SOND (t N ha-1)Species289.644.824.2250.0188 *
Depth3879.5293.1627.6301.08e-11 ***
  1. SOCD soil organic carbon density (t C ha−1), SOCD soil organic nitrogen stock density (t N ha−1)
  2. ***Highly significant at P < 0.01
  3. *Significant at P < 0.05