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Table 2 Allometric equations for each biomass component against the diameter at breast height (D) and tree height in different tree sizes

From: Organic carbon distribution and budget of dominant woody plant community in the subalpine zone at volcanic Jeju Island, Korea

SpeciesD rangeAllometryReference
AK1 ≤ D < 10Ws0.00743914(D)3.233 
10 ≤ D < 20Ws0.01196224(D)2.926 
Wsb0.00714745(D)2.549Wang et al. 2011
20 ≤ DWs0.13199384(D)2.121 
TC Ws0.0361(D2H)0.9184Yasuhiro 2006
JC Ws2.639log(D)− 1.8017Kwak et al. 2004
 Wb2.334log(D)− 1.871
RS W0.0471(D)2.8498 
BA W0.0471(D)2.8498Lee et al. 2004
PS W0.3421(D)2.1813
QM W0.4687(D)2.1313 
SC W3.54912111643181((D/254)2.1657))Jennifer et al. 2012
  1. AK Abies koreana, TC Taxus cuspidata, JC Juniperus chinensis var. sargentii, RS Rhododendron schlippenbachii, BA Berberis amurensis var. quelpaertensis, PS Prunus sargentii, QM Quercus mongolica, SC Sorbus commixta, D diameter at the breast height, W weight, Ws weight of stem, Wsb weight of stem bark, Wb weight of branch, H height