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Table 3 AMOVA results for the COI and Cytb sequences of Myotis ikonnikovi in Korea

From: Population genetic structure based on mitochondrial DNA analysis of Ikonnikov’s whiskered bat (Myotis ikonnikovi—Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) from Korea

GeneSource of variationd.f.Sum of squaresVariance componentsPercentage of variation
COIAmong populations35.5530.024751.47
Within populations3863.1851.6627798.53
FST and p valueFST = 0.01467, p value > 0.05
CytbAmong populations329.6990.8488919.77
Within populations38130.9203.4452780.23
FST and p valueFST = 0.19769, p value < 0.01