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Table 2 Mean carbon storage in tidal flat soils to 1-m depth, mean (5th to 95th percentile). This is done by Monte Carlo simulation from values in literature

From: Estimation of carbon storage in coastal wetlands and comparison of different management schemes in South Korea

Study site C storage per unit area (kg m−2) C storage in soil (Gg) Note
Pristine Mud Flat 28.6 (7.8–47.9) 800.3 (217.1–1341.8) Conserved area
Impacted Mud Flat 1 18.2 (7.3–34.9) 4431.5 (1768.3–8508.7) Natural area
Impacted Mud Flat 2 13.9 (4.8–27.2) 1141.6 (394.7–2224.1) Natural area