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Table 1 Observation sites of Cleisostoma scolopendrifolium orchid in southern South Korea

From: Pollination of Cleisostoma scolopendrifolium (Orchidaceae) by megachilid bees and determinants of fruit set in southern South Korea

Site Location Patch size
MP Mt. Yudalsan, Mokpo City, Jeollanamdo 2 m2
WD Sinhak-ri, Wando County, Jeollanamdo 2 m2
NJ Near Dado Reservoir, Naju City, Jeollanamdo 1600 m2
HN Mt. Galdusan, Haenam County, Jeollanamdo 1.5 m2
JD Mt. Geumgolsan, Jindo County, Jeollanamdo Distributed by patch