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Table 1 Plant species known for remediation applications

From: Remediation capabilities of pilot-scale wetlands planted with Typha aungstifolia and Acorus calamus to treat landfill leachate

Name of the species Type of remediation Reference
Alternanthera sessilis, Commelina nudiflora, Paspalum conjugatum, Typha angustifolia Turbidity, TDS, BOD, nitrate, orthophosphate in landfill leachate Laily et al. 2017
Canna indica, Acorus calamus and Iris tectorum Maxim. Pentachlorophenol contamination Zhao et al. 2017
Scirpus validus, Phragmites australis and Acorus calamus Nitrate contamination in Water Li et al. 2016
Saccharum spontaneum Bare fly ash (FA) dumps Pandey et al. 2015
Typha latifolia, Phragmites australis Removal of heavy metals in landfill leachate Grisey et al. 2012