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Table 3 Physicochemical characteristics of the soil in the five geomorphological units

From: Modeling potential habitats for Pergularia tomentosa using maximum entropy model and effect of environmental variables on its quantitative characteristics in arid rangelands, southeastern Iran

Geomorphological unit N Sand (%) Silt (%) Clay (%) K (PPM) P (PPM) N (%) CaCO3 (%) EC (dS/m) pH
Mountain 58 79.73(ab) 10.50(bc) 9.76(ab) 44.37(c) 5.01(a) 0.02(a) 9.55(b) 0.22(b) 7.82(a)
Big hill area 32 72.06(ab) 15.50(b) 12.42(a) 283.07(b) 6.71(a) 0.048(a) 17.91(a)* 0.33(b) 7.71(a)
Bare plain 5 84.40(a) 5.84(d) 9.76(ab) 43.76(c) 7.54(a) 0.30(a) 5.80(b) 0.26(b) 7.80(a)
Flood plain 14 78.40(ab) 11.84(bc) 9.76(ab) 45.37(c) 5.29(a) 0.30(a) 10.70(b) 0.20(b) 7.70(a)
Small hill area 49 60.03(c)* 27.64(a)* 12.30(a) 402.57(a)* 4.59(a) 0.061(a) 15.11(a) 0.58(a)* 7.72(a)
  1. The letters a–d indicate significant difference between different geomorphological units
  2. *The best condition in each area