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Table 2 Morphological characteristics of Cosmarium hexagonm sp. nov. and related taxa

From: Diversity of phytoplankton species in Cheonjin Lake, northeastern South Korea

  C. hexagonum sp. nov. C. praecisum C. polygonatum C. polygonum f. rectum C. polygonatum var. hexagonum
Semicell shape in front view Rhomboid Transversely hexagonal Hexagonal Hexagonal Broadly hexagonal
Semicell shape in vertical view Octagonal Ellipsoid Ellipsoid Ellipsoid Ellipsoid
Wall scrobiculation Median conical tubercles Median tubercles Median tubercles Median conical tumor Median tumor and one small granule at each angles
Cell length 25–27 μm 13–18 μm 8–14 μm 14 μm 9.2–9.9 μm
Cell broad 24–25 μm 13–19 μm 9–17 μm 12.5 μm 9.2 μm
Isthmus 5–6 μm 3–6 μm 3.5–5 μm 4 μm 2.5 μm