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Table 1 Localities, sample size (Ns), and total number of individuals in population (N) of J. chinensis examined in this study

From: Genetic variation and structure of Juniperus chinensis L. (Cupressaceae) in Korea

Locality Population abbreviation GPS Habitat type Ns N
Samcheok-si, Geundeok-myeon, Korea SC1 N37°19′, E129°16′ Coastal cliff 21 43
Samcheok-si, Wondeok-eup A, Korea SC2 N37°16′, E129°19′ Coastal cliff and sea-stack 12 35
Samcheok-si, Wondeok-eup B, Korea SC3 N37°11′, E129°20′ Mid slope and coastal deposit 24 31
Donghae-si, Chuam-dong, Korea DB N37°28′, E129°09′ Coastal cliff and coastal deposit 25 117
Gangneung-si, Gangdong-myeon, Korea KS N37°39′, E129°04′ Coastal cliff 20 > 300
Ulleung-gun, Korea UL N37°27′, E130°52′ Coastal cliff 49 > 1000
Yeongdeok-gun, Chuksan-myeon, Korea YD N36°28′, E129°26′ Mountain foot 19 25
Uljin-gun, Giseong-myeon, Korea US N36°51′, E129°25′ Coastal cliff 19 42
Jeongseon-gun sindong-eup, Korea JS N37°19′, E128°37′ Riverine cliff 16 > 120