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Table 1 List of duodichogamous species in angiosperms reported in previous studies and in this study. The numbers within the parentheses in the first column indicate approximate numbers of species and genus of each family (Christenhusz and Byng 2016)

From: A rare duodichogamous flowering system in monoecious Toona sinensis (Meliaceae)

Family Genus Species Reference
Cyperaceae (5500, 90) Cladium Cladium jamaicense Snyder and Richards (2005)
Fagaceae (927, 8) Castanea Castanea mollissima Stout (1928), Godley (1955)
Castanea crenata Hagman (1975), Jaynes (1975)
Meliaceae (600, 53) Toona Toona sinensis This study
Phyllanthaceae (2050, 57) Bridelia Bridelia retusa Borges et al. (1997)
Bridelia tomentosa Luo et al. (2007)
Bridelia stipularis Li et al. (2014)
Cleistanthus Cleistanthus sumatranus Li et al. (2014)
Sapindaceae (1860, 142) Acer Acer spp. de Jong (1976)
Cupania Cupania guatemalensis Bawa (1977)
Deinbollia Deinbollia spp. de Jong (1976)
Dipteronia Dipteronia spp. de Jong (1976)
Hippocastanum Hippocastanum spp. de Jong (1976)
Koelreuteria Koelreuteria spp. de Jong (1976)
Litchi Litchi chinensis Khan (1929)
Paullinia Paullinia weinmanniifolia de Lima et al. (2016)
Sapindus Sapindus emarginatus Subba Reddi et al. (1983)
Serjania Serjania spp. Acevedo-Rodriguez (1993)
Talisia Talisia spp. Acevedo-Rodriguez (2003)
Urvillea Urvillea ulmacea Zapata and Arroyo (1978)