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Table 4 Correlation coefficients between the rhizome and shoot system in Polygonatum humile population. R1 and R0 are the last year rhizome and this year one, respectively. Number is samples (n). All correlation coefficients are significantly different at an 1% level

From: Changes in resource allocation among vegetative organs during the clonal growth of Polygonatum humile (Liliaceae) grown in a temperate forest gap

Rhizome Shoot system Number
Length of stem Weight of stem Total weight of shoot
Length of R1 0.3171 0.2583 0.2814 263
Weight of R1 0.5420 0.5683 0.5946 263
Length of R0 0.4947 0.4017 0.5201 51
Weight of R0 0.5938 0.6752 0.7143 61