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Table 1 Details of the five main study sites

From: Survey of medicinal plants in the Khuvsgul and Khangai Mountain regions of Mongolia

Site number Place name Mountain range Location Habitat No. of species collected
1 Bulgan aimag, Bugat sum, Tuluugiin davaa Khangai N 48.94757; E 103.06188 Forest, forest steppe 72
2 Khuvsgul aimag, Khatgal sum, Khuvsgul lake Khuvsgul N 50.31757; E 101.16188 Forest, forest steppe 39
3 Zavkhan aimag, Ikh-Uul sum, Tarvagatai mountain Khangai N 48.21757; E 97.27188 Taiga, forest, forest steppe 50
4 Arkhangai aimag, Tsetserleg sum, Tsagaan davaa Khangai N 47.66873; E 101.31152 Forest, forest steppe, mountain steppe 53
5 Arkhangai aimag, Tsenkher sum, Tsenkheriin rashaan Khangai N 47.01361; E 101.53124 Forest, forest steppe, mountain steppe, steppe 66