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Table 2 Protocols of five species (measurements) used in this study

From: Developing a semi-automatic data conversion tool for Korean ecological data standardization

Species (measurement) Protocol Attribute
Libythea celtis SCO Search date, search week, recorder, start time, end time, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, weather, count, reference, description
Spittle bugs (Carabidae)/Mosquitoes SC Start date, start time, search week, recorder, end date, end time, hour, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, average temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, weather, reference, description
SO Start date, trap ID, species, count, description
Pinus/Quercus mongolica SC Search date, recorder, topography, slope, fallen leaves, rock exposure, tree layer height/coverage/dominant, subtree layer height, subtree layer coverage, subtree layer dominant, shrub layer height, shrub layer coverage, shrub layer dominant, herb layer height, herb layer coverage, herb layer dominant, maximum dominant DBH, minimum dominant DBH, average dominant DBH, reference, description
SO Search date, layer, species, cover rate, description
HD Search date, plot, tree ID, species, DBH, height, vitality, description
  1. SC survey condition, SO species observed, and HD height and DBH of vegetation