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Table 6 The classifications of species into each group. The classifications were based on literatures (see the text)

From: Environmental factors affecting the composition and diversity of the avian community in igune, a traditional agricultural landscape in northern Japan

Species name Abbreviation Diet Foraging site Habitat type
Phalacrocorax carbo Ph. ca Fish eater Other Water
Ardea alba Ar. al Fish eater Other Farmland
Egretta garzetta Eg. ga Fish eater Other Farmland
Ardea cinerea Ar. ci Fish eater Other Farmland
Milvus migrans Mi. mi Carnivore Ground Both
Accipter gentilis Carnivore Ground Both
Buteo buteo B. bu Carnivore Ground Farmland
Falco peregrinus F. pe Carnivore Ground Farmland
Streptopelia orientalis Str. ori Granivore Ground Both
Dendrocopos major D. ma Insectivore Other Forest
Dendrocopos kizuki D. ki Insectivore Foliage Forest
Alauda arvensis Al. ar Insectivore Ground Farmland
Hirudo rustica Hi. ru Insectivore Other Farmland
Motacilla alba Mo. al Insectivore Ground Farmland
Motacilla grandis Mo. gr Insectivore Ground Farmland
Hypsipetes amaurotis Hy. am Insectivore Foliage Both
Lanius bucephalus L. bu Insectivore Ground Both
Cettia diphone Ce. di Insectivore Foliage Both
Aegithalos caudatus Ae. ci Insectivore Foliage Forest
Poecile varius Po. va Insectivore Foliage Forest
Parus minor Par. ma Insectivore Foliage Forest
Sitta europaea Si. eu Insectivore Other Forest
Zosteros japonicus Z. ja Insectivore Foliage Forest
Emberiza cioides Em. ci Insectivore Ground Both
Chloris sinica Ch. si Granivore Ground Farmland
Passer montanus Pas. mo Omnivore Ground Farmland
Spodiopsar cineraceus Sp. ci Omnivore Ground Farmland
Garrulus glandarius G. gl Insectivore Ground Forest
Cyanopica cyanus Cy. cy Omnivore Ground Forest
Corvus corone Cor. co Omnivore Ground Both
Columba livis Col. li Granivore Ground Farmland