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Table 2 Classification of avian species into guild group and habitat type based on their ecological trait

From: Environmental factors affecting the composition and diversity of the avian community in igune, a traditional agricultural landscape in northern Japan

Ecological traits Guild group Guild or category
Diet Insectivore Insectivore
Granivore Granivore, seed eater
Fish eater Fish eater
Carnivore Carnivore, raptor, scavenger
Omnivore Omnivore, any species spanning two or more guilds; for example, frugivore-insectivore
Foraging site Foliage Species foraging on branches or foliage
Ground Species foraging on ground
Others Any species spanning two or more guilds; for example, foraging on bark or while flying
Habitat type Farmland Species using farmland (not using forest)
Forest Species using forest (not using farmland)
Both Species using both farmland and forest
Water Species using river, lake, and sea