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Table 1 Allometric equations for each biomass component against the diameter at the breast height and tree height in different tree sizes

From: Budget and distribution of organic carbon in Taxus cuspidata forest in subalpine zone of Mt. Halla

Species D range Allometry Ref.
T. cuspidata Ws 0.0361 (D2H) 0.9184 Yasuhiro 2006
Wb 0.0155 (D2H) 0.8979
Rhododendron schlippenbachii W 0.0471 (D) 2.8498 Lee et al. 2004
Berberis amurensis var. quelpaertensis Ws 0.667 log (D2H)-0.419 Kwak et al. 2004
Wb 0.553 log (D 2004 2H)-0.6419
  1. D diameter at the breast height, Wi (dry weight of each part), H stem height, s stem, sb stem bark, b branch