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Table 1 List of strains used in the molecular study and GenBank accession number

From: Newly recorded species of the genus Synura (Synurophyceae) from Korea

Taxa/strain GenBank accession
Nuclear ITS Nuclear SSU Nuclear LSU Plastid rbcL
S. americana Kynčlová and Škaloud
 Chimu112407C KP268712 KM590551 KM590617 KM590838
 Johae010508F KP268711 JX455151 JX455155 JX455147
 CCMP862 GU338124 GU325583 GU325485
 CCMP863 GU338125 GU325584 GU325486
 KNUJO-CM20151226 KX610938 KX610941 KX610944 KX6109447
S. asmundiae (Cronberg and Kristiansen) Škaloud, Kristiansen and Škaloudová
 S90D10 KP268729 KM590553 KM590619 KM590840
 S90D11 KP268730 HF549069 HF549079
S. bjoerkii (Cronberg and Kristiansen) Škaloud, Kristiansen and Škaloudová
 SC57A6 KP268731 HF549070 HF549080
S. conopea Kynčlová and Škaloud
 Sugyeji041808B KP268690 KM590557 KM590623 KM590844
 Yeonseong120807E KP268689 KM590558 KM590624 KM590845
 CCMP859 GU338121 GU325580 GU325482
 NIES1007 GU338119 GU325578 GU325479
 KNUJO-YG20160117 KX610939 KX610942 KX610945 KX6109448
S. glabra Korshikov emend. Kynčlová and Škaloud
 Bonggye101407K KP268722 KM590564 KM590630 KM590851
 Cheonma041908B KP268716 KM590565 KM590631 KM590852
 Dohak111107C KP268721 JX455149 JX455153 JX455145
 Geumma020610B KP268718 KM590568 KM590634 KM590855
 Hwangsan012508A KP268724 KM590571 KM590637 KM590858
S. macracantha (Petersen and Hansen) Asmund
 S90B5 KP268732 HF549064 KM590648 HF549075
S. petersenii Korshikov emend. Škaloud and Kynčlová
 Buje100307A KP268710 KM590586 KM590657 KM590873
 Gamgok111107C KP268707 KM590587 KM590658 KM590874
 Swaeji103109I KP268705 KM590589 KM590660 KM590876
 Yongseong112407A KP268706 KM590590 KM590661 KM590877
 Youngji101407A KP268708 JX455150 JX455154 JX455146
S. truttae (Siver) Škaloud and Kynčlová
 Hanjeong080611J KP268702 KM590609 KM590680 KM590896
 Jangjuk032611J KP268703 KM590610 KM590681 KM590897
 CAUP2 GU338138 GU325598 GU325500
 CAUPD5 GU338140 GU325600 GU325502
 KNUJO-HJ20151222 KX610940 KX610943 KX610946 KX610949
Chromulina sp.
 SAG 17.97 EF165103 GU935638 EF165151
Ochromonas danica Pringsheim
 SAG 933.7 JQ281514 GU935636 GU935657
Ochromonas sp.
 SAG 933.10 EF165109 GU935637 GU935658
  1. New sequences are indicated in italic type