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Table 2 Activities of acid phosphatase (AP), β-glucosidase (BG), β-xylosidase (BX), and β-glucosaminidase (NAG) in the control, 20 % thinning (T20), and 30 % thinning (T30) at a depth of 0–10 cm 3 years following thinning

From: Effects of thinning intensity on nutrient concentration and enzyme activity in Larix kaempferi forest soils

Thinning intensity AP
(nmol g−1 h−1)
(nmol g−1 h−1)
(nmol g−1 h−1)
(nmol g−1 h−1)
Control 290.16 (26.54)a 143.35 (3.87)a 49.62 (7.00)a 32.08 (7.00)a
T20 298.05 (25.23)a 176.14 (16.43)a 53.48 (12.34)a 39.44 (13.71)a
T30 339.45 (27.93)a 180.62 (1.17)a 71.60 (6.85)a 70.11 (20.38)a
  1. Different letters indicate significant difference among the three thinning intensities (n = 3; P = 0.05). Values in parenthesis denote the standard errors